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David Tilley, PIO                                                                              Date:               February 15, 2013 

Plano Police Department                                                             Time:              10:30 a.m.

972-941-2433                                                                                     Incident:        PUBLIC NOTICE      




The Plano Police Department, along with over 250 other jurisdictions across Texas will combine forces in what is believed to be the largest joint warrant round-up of this type in Texas. The multi-jurisdictional warrant round-up will begin on Saturday, March 2 and will continue through March 10, 2013.

The Warrant Round-up has two phases:

•   The first phase, which begins on February 15 and ends March 1, will consist of a notification period (warrant calls). During this time, anyone who has outstanding warrants is encouraged to voluntarily resolve their cases.

•   The last phase, which begins March 2, is the enforcement period. During this time, individuals will be arrested at their homes, work and around town and brought to jail to address their outstanding warrants.

During the 2012 Warrant Round-Up, the Department closed 1,618 outstanding warrants with a face value of $560,270.55.

A listing of all defendants with outstanding arrest warrants from the Plano Municipal Court is available at:        

The list consists of the names of more than 8,000 defendants wanted in connection with almost 22,000 warrants with a face value of over $7,126,100.  The site also includes information on how to clear warrants, including credit card payment via the web or by telephone, which makes personal appearance in the court unnecessary.

Defendants who wish to resolve their warrant(s) prior to the roundup should contact the Municipal Court at 972-941-2199 or visit the above web link for additional information and to avoid being arrested.

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