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Forman Elementary Yard Sales

Collin Creek Church Yard Sales

Every spring and fall, Forman Elementary School in East Plano hosts a "yard sale" in their parking lot.  For a small fee, you can rent a space and table and bring your own items to sell.  Any proceeds you earn, you get to keep.

The Morales sisters have been doing this for quite some time, and Myra finally convinced the Village Creek Neighborhood Association to jump into the game, since we have no other fund-raisers or sources of income.  So in the spring of 2012, the VCNA neighbors cleaned out their garages and attics and set up their first table.   We managed to clear $166 to prop up our severely depleted bank account, and a trend was started.  We didn't get any pictures of that first one, but we'll try to document the rest of them, since I have a feeling this is going to become an ongoing project. 

In 2013, we decided to help the Collin Creek Church with their Fall Yard Sale instead of doing the Forman yard sale.  We gave one-half of the proceeds from that sale to the church in return for allowing us to use their facility for our meetings.  We will include their results below.

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2012 - November (Forman)

2013 - May (Forman)

2013 - October (Collin Creek Church)

2014 - May (Forman)