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Great American Cleanup

Every spring, we try to participate in the National Great American Clean-up project.  Volunteers from our neighborhood and the local schools get together on a Saturday morning and scour the neighborhood, alleys, and parks.  Armed with  gloves, trash bags and long "grabbers", they pick up the cans and grocery sacks and plastic bottles and whatever other debris has been deposited in our neighborhood by wind, weather, and litterers.  After a couple of hours, everyone meets back up at Shawnee park with their spoils, and the city will send a truck to dispose of the trash we collected.

We will try to send out notifications before each year's clean-up date, and we would love to have more volunteers.  If you're interested, please drop me a line at, and we'll make sure to include you. 

Click on the links below to see the results of our "treasure hunts".


2003 (photos)



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