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This is a note I received the other day concerning the upcoming work on widening Parker Road,   with an attached note from the city of Plano.      Just thought you all might be interested.   Click here to view attachment


From: 'James Caswell' <>
To: <>
Sent: Fri May 25 10:26
Subject: Fwd: Parker Road - K avenue to Raton Lane (5513) - Construction Start


To:  Mr. Doug Jacobs:


Dear Mr. Jacobs:


I was given your name by Kate Perry, with our Planning Dept., as a possible contact for the Village Creek Neighborhood Association. I am attaching a generic version of a letter we expect to send out to residents/owners adjacent to the subject project. The map referenced in the letter is in ARCVIEW software. If you have that, I can attach it also. The letter describes the Parker Road project and the City of PlanoR17;s intent to start construction with its contractor on or soon after June 11. It also invites residents/owners to attend a meeting scheduled for June 14, 6:30 pm at the City Offices, 1520 K Avenue. In viewing the map for your Association area, it appears that all or most of the residents will be affected by this project. However, since the letter will be sent to only those properties directly adjacent to the project, we thought contacting your Association would help inform other neighborhood residents of the upcoming work. We project the project to be completed within approximately 18 months.


Please contact me if there are questions. Or, if another person is a more appropriate contact, I'd appreciate it if you could pass that information on to me.




James E. Caswell, P.E.

Senior Engineer

City of Plano/Engineering Dept.