Update to the RaceTrac proposal at Parker and Jupiter 2012-05-05

This is a note from Mark Housewright, who is one of the planners on the proposed RaceTrac facility to be built on the south-west corner of Jupiter and Parker Road. It details some modifications to the original proposal .

"We have been fine-tuning the design of the project.  You should find all the changes very positive and I have attached new renderings, the stone color, and landscape plans.  RaceTrac has increased the amount of stone and lightened the color for more contrast with the brick per request, increased the amount of landscaping per request, eliminated one of the pumps to allow for the extra landscaping and highlighted pedestrian access/paths among other things."

(Click on the picture to view it full size.)

Pedestrian view of the store.

Pedestrian view of the pumps

Lightened stone colors

Landscape area

New updated lansdscape plan