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   A message from James


We have been notified that code enforcement will be back out in the neighborhood surveying trees again this spring.  Tree trimming regulations require that limbs be trimmed at least seven (7) feet above sidewalks and twelve (12) feet above the street.

Please understand the benefit that this code brings to our neighborhood.

Low tree limbs create a safety hazard for public service vehicles such as fire and medical and may slow or prevent them from reaching your home.

Low limbs have also been found to block out  our street lighting.  Without light, we can't see, and if we can't see, how can we watch out for each other.

Please remember that tree trimming isn't a punishment.  It's a benefit to you and the neighborhood..

If you feel that you have special needs and need assistance in trimming your trees, please contact the City of Plano or the Neighborhood Association for assistance.


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