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Minutes of the General Meeting held January 6th, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm. There were 7 members present, 3 new members.

Agenda was approved. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. The Treasurerís report indicated there was $1,136.11 in the bank account.

No crime watch report was given as Officer Chapman was not present. The idea of rejuvenating the crime watch program was discussed. A general discussion of crime in the area followed, including car vandalism, possible stalking, coyote visitations and gun shots (possibly dove hunters in fields north of neighborhood). Everyone was encouraged to use as a good communications vehicle - City of Plano posts there regularly. Also, the idea of passing out our business card magnets was discussed.

The following events for 2015 were discussed:

Saturday, ??? - Forman Yard Sale - Spring

o we will participate and Gene will contact school about date and contact person

Tuesday, April 7 - Meeting

Saturday, April 18 - Great American Cleanup - James will coordinate

o We will get NHS to assist with alley and park cleanup

o James to coordinate with Property Standards about Shawnee pond cleanup - date is March 28th - community service opportunity for Peytonís kids

Tuesday, July 7 - Meeting

Tuesday, September 1 - Meeting

Tuesday, October 6 - National Night Out

Saturday, October ?? - Make A Difference Day

o Use Property Standards recommendations and coordinate with church

Tuesday, November 3 - Meeting - Elections

Saturday, ??? - Forman Yard Sale - Fall

o We will not participate in this one

Saturday, ??? - Church Yard Sale - Fall

o We will participate in this

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - Meeting - Annual Planning

Gene to contact city concerning the vacant lot on Chelsea where house burned down.

Officer Chapman will be contacted to see how she is doing and request attendance at next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Vicki Verinder, Secretary

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