Village Creek Neighborhood Association

Package Proposal

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These are some of the things we would like to see addressed in our neighborhood.


Property Standards


1.      Web-list of code standards

2.      Shopping carts


Parks Department


1.      Tree Planting new trees with watering program

2.      Tree Trimming set minimal height

3.      Mower Height do not scalp the lawn

4.      Major Maintenance large projects not capital-funded

5.      Web Schedule list of upcoming maintenance


Street Department


1.      Traffic light at Parker and new park road

2.      Stop sign at Ave. P between Park and Parker




1.      Handy-man for low income neighborhood

2.      Bi-lingual translator for City of Plano


Police Department


1.      Video surveillance equipment

2.      Web-list of neighborhood crime

3.      Street car parking


Water Way


1.      Trash-restricting barricades between open air and water way system