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Bulk Trash and Village Creek Neighborhood Meeting Signs

Many of our neighborhood residents keep a very busy schedule, so we have been using reminder and announcement signs in the area for a couple years. Our signs are posted on the corners of or in the yards at these locations:

3027 Ave N (SW of Parker & Ave N)

1617 Lilac Ln (NW of Ave P & Lilac)

1625 Lucas Ter (NW corner of Lucas & Ave P)

1700 Felix Dr (SE corner of Felix & Ave P)

3401 Tarkio Rd (NE corner of Tarkio & Parker)

3300 Ave N (NE corner of Ave N & Parker)

3455 Glenwood (NE corner of Ave K & Glenwood)

3465 Westminister (SE corner of Ave K & Westminister)

3368 Tarkio Rd (SE corner of Tarkio & Cherrywood)